Hercules Solid Bracelet

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Product Description:

Hercules Bracelet Design: Hercules is the name you have to wear to be able to support the size of this enormous bracelet.

One can not release more virility and confidence when displaying this jewelry around the wrist. For a chic and manly look, this bracelet is a daring piece designed to elevate even the most serious outfit.

Good Gifts for Man: With a flattering and impactful style, this bracelet will reveal the sure person that you are.

Evocative in character, this imposing jewelry affirms your personality in an authentic way.

Biker, rocker, Viking, muscular, or even adventure... One thing is certain, this curb chain is not made for little arms.

The Hercule Fodom bracelet continues to meet with the same success and comes up with the best gift ideas.

Hercules Bracelet Material: Made of high-quality 316 stainless steel, the metal of the curb will not rust, tarnish or rub off on your skin. It is designed for maximum durability. In addition, the material can't rust and can't cause allergies. It's corrosion and water-resistant so this bracelet is very durable.

For any questions contact us at info@weinezjewelry.com and we will answer you within 24h.

    Product Detail:
    Material: Stainless steel 
    Width: 30mm
    Weight: 275/305g
    Package: Giftbox
    Model Number: WB133681-KJX

    Bracelets Size Guide:
    Choose a bracelet size 2~3cm bigger than your wrist size

    hercules bracelet size guide

    hercules bracelet size guide

    Customer Reviews

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    Roma Sawayn

    excelente calidad, muy hermosa

    Camron Pollich

    Hercules Solid Bracelet

    Mireille Bogan

    Hercules Solid Bracelet

    Kailyn Wilkinson

    Hercules Solid Bracelet

    Onie Predovic

    Hercules Solid Bracelet