Punk Animal Wolf Stainless Steel leather Charm Bracelets

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Product Description:

Wolf Bracelet Bold Design: 

This punk bracelet from Innovato Store is completely hand-crafted to perfection from first-class silver-toned stainless steel with an accent of a fascinating pendant in a three-dimensional figure of two wolves that appear to be biting a round shape that holds the entire bracelet.

This hip-hop-looking piece of jewelry is one of the most trendsetting products that will elevate your fashion sense.

Good Gifts for Man:

An ornament representing the notion of alliance through its two similar wolf heads. A powerful fusion between two Alpha leaders who know what they want. A jewel representing team spirit, fraternity, and leadership.

Wolf Bracelet Material: Our products are made out of superior quality steel -316 Stainless Steel. The material is praised as SPACE METAL for its brightness and luster. In addition, the material can't rust and can't cause allergies. It's corrosion and water-resistant so this bracelet is very durable.

Model Number:WB93166-bd

Choose a bracelet size 2-3cm bigger than your wrist size

Bracelets Size Guide

Bracelets Size Guide